Need help creating or uploading your web page? The directions and links below should help.

Every dial-up account at Graphtronics comes with 20MB of account space. This space is used for e-mail storage, and is available for hosting personal web pages and small business domains.

What is the address of my web site?
Your web site can be found at:

Can I have my own domain name?

Yes. Domain names must be purchased from InterNIC, and are available at $35/year. If you are registering your own domain, we recommend using Network Solutions to do so. You can use the link below, or we would be happy to help you register your domain name.

Get a domain name: Network Solutions
.com .net .org   

What are the host servers for my domain?
If you register a domain name for yourself, you'll want to use the following host servers:

How much does it cost to host a domain?
Customers may host one domain for each dial-up account. Additional domains may be hosted for an additional $5/month hosting fee.

What if I need more space?
Additional storage is available on our servers. Customers can upgrade their accounts to 50MB storage for an additional $3/month, or 100MB storage for an additional $8/month.

Where do I upload my pages?
Using an FTP program (such as CuteFTP or WS_FTP), connect to, using your dial-up username and password. Upload files into the public_html directory, and be sure the first page is named index.html.

Does Graphtronics support FrontPage extensions?

Not on the "free" web server. If you need to use FrontPage extensions, you will need to move to our premiere hosting service. Premium service to support FrontPage extensions is currently available at an additional $12/month.

Does Graphtronics support cgi, Perl or other scripting languages?

Not on the "free" web server. If you need to use cgi, Perl or other scripting, you will need to move to our premiere hosting service. Premium service to support cgi and Perl scripting is currently available at an additional $12/month. Scripts may also be subject to approval from the Graphtronics technical department before being used on web pages.

How do I create a web site?

If you are new to web site design, you may want to follow some of the following links to learn more about web page design and html.

Basic Web Resources Site

A Beginners Guide to HTML

Making Great Web Pages

How to Create a Web Page

Yahoo! Web Page Creation Beginners Guide Links

Yahoo! Beginners HTML Links

How do I post pictures on my web site?

You'll need some way to get your pictures onto the computer. You can either use a scanner, or have your photos scanned and put on a disk for you (available from many photo developers now). To have your pictures visible on the web, they will need to be saved in RGB format as a JPEG or a GIF file. Keep in mind that the larger the file size, the longer it will take for your picture to load on the Internet (most photos should be under 20K in size, and should not exceed 640 x 480 pixels at 72 dpi). All photos should be saved at 72 dpi for use on the Internet (monitors are only capable of 72 dpi resolution). You may need a photo editing program to adjust the size of your pictures, to crop or make changes to them (programs like Photoshop, PhotoPaint, etc.) Once you have saved your photo, you'll need to place the photo, or a link to the photo, on a web page, and upload the page, and the photo(s) to the Internet.

How do I get my pages on the Internet?

You'll need to upload the pages you've created to your account space on the web server. To do so, you'll need an FTP program such as CuteFTP or WS-FTP (both available on the Internet). Using your FTP program, connect to host: using your dial-up username and password. This will put you in your own web site directory. Any pages you have created need to be uploaded into the public_html directory. Your first page (homepage) needs to be named index.html so that it will be visible when someone visits your web page.

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